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For our part, The House of Ptolemy will always keep an eye out for books relating to the interests of the site. Books will continue to be be added where appropriate on the regular website pages (under the usual Bibliographic Notes On ... sections). Having joined the family of Amazon.com associates these book areas are grouped here for convenience in ease of ordering copies directly from Amazon.com . The site caretaker has tried to provide wherever possible book reviews so that you can make an informed choice if you plan to purchase from Amazon.com . Tastes vary and some may feel one book is more useful or better written than another. With these thoughts in mind I suggest reading the reviews before ordering your books.

This direct link to purchase books about Ptolemaic and Greco-Roman Egypt is brought to you as a service of The House of Ptolemy Web Site.

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Ptolemaic Egypt

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Byzantine Egypt (ca 312 to 641 CE)

AFTERWARD: The Lasting Legacy
Alexandria Today, Napoleon's Egyptian Legacy

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