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The House of Ptolemy:
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Awards and Recognitions

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REVIEW Review of
House of Ptolemy
14 May
The House of Ptolemy has been reviewed by Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review.
The Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review is an on-line journal for reviews of electronic resources having to do with the ancient world. Electronic resources are here taken to include Web sites and CDs. The ancient world is taken to mean primarily ancient Greece and Rome, but to describe the subject matter thus is to provide a center, not a boundary.
AWARD Webovore Logo As of 8 Apr
The House of Ptolemy has been selected for inclusion in Webivore Knowledge Systems' collection of educational web pages (http://www.webivore.com).
This collection is an index of the best web sites found and reviewed by Webivor's content experts and editors to help students and educators find accurate and useful information on the web. Webivore is a complete, easy-to-use research system that enables students and educators to efficiently search educational web sites, collect relevant graphical or textual information, and then create Internet-enriched reports or presentations.
AWARD GeoHistory Logo As of 14 Jan
The House of Ptolemy has been selected and listed by GeoHistory as one of the top educational sites on the Internet.
GeoHistory (www.geohistory.com) and its two other educational sites (GeoWorld and GeoHistory Americas) are highly-trafficked sites dedicated to providing historical and current affairs maps, photos, timelines, and original articles, as well as providing links to other high quality educational sites.
AWARD Internet resource for Discovery Channel School As of 4 Sep
Discovery Channel School has selected The House of Ptolemy as a valued Internet resource for the thousands of teachers who visit http://discoveryschool.com . See the detailed recommendation and information on The Real Cleopatra.
AWARD Britannica Internet Guide As of 4 Jun 1998 The House of Ptolemy has been selected for inclusion in eBLAST: Encyclopędia Britannica's Internet Guide
As of 17 Apr 1998 The House of Ptolemy has been selected to receive the Perseus Award, an honor only given to pages which help to spread information about the classical world.
In Cooperation
Amazon.com LOGO As of 17 Apr 1998 The House of Ptolemy Web Site is Now In Association with Amazon.com!

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